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Early commit Sahvir Wheeler set for Texas A&M

A young point guard declared his intention to attend Texas A&M on Wednesday. Sahvir Wheeler, a 5′-9″ sophomore lead guard from Houston Christian (TX), popped for the Aggies after a trip to campus.

Wheeler is considered to have a slight frame and does lack size at this point, but with only one season of high school in the books, he has plenty of time to improve physically. In attending many camps and playing on the grassroots circuit, Wheeler’s name is fairly prominent, regionally and beyond, in the ’19 recruiting class.

The first pledge for the Aggies in the 2019 class, Texas A&M has a pretty solid group of young players and pledges in the 2017 class as well. T.J. Starks (a Dallas-area point guard) is set to be an incoming freshman next season.

Smallish point guards have found success in the SEC in the past (with the obvious example of Tyler Ulis most prominent) and the Aggies may have found a player that can help at point guard going forward in Wheeler, though they’ll have to wait for him to actually arrive.

Texas A&M Scholarship Grid

Point GuardsJ.J. Caldwell (Fr)J.J. Caldwell (So)J.J. Caldwell (Jr)J.J. Caldwell (Sr)
Caleb Smith (Fr)Caleb Smith (So)Caleb Smith (Jr)Caleb Smith (Sr)
T.J. Starks (Fr)T.J. Starks (So)T.J. Starks (Jr)
Sahvir Wheeler (Fr)
WingsJ.C. Hampton (Sr)D.J. Hogg (Jr)D.J. Hogg (Sr)DeShawn Corprew (Sr)
D.J. Hogg (So)Admon Gilder (Jr)Admon Gilder (Sr)Savion Flagg (Jr)
Admon Gilder (So)Kobe Eubanks (Jr)Kobe Eubanks (Sr)
Kobe Eubanks (So)DeShawn Corprew (So)DeShawn Corprew (Jr)
DeShawn Corprew (Fr)Savion Flagg (Fr)Savion Flagg (So)
PostsTavario Miller (Sr)Tonny Trocha-Morelos (Sr)Tyler Davis (Sr)Robert Williams (Sr)
Tonny Trocha-Morelos (Jr)Tyler Davis (Jr)Robert Williams (Jr)Eric Villa (Sr)
Tyler Davis (So)Robert Williams (So)Eric Villa (Jr)Isiah Jasey (Jr)
Robert Williams (Fr)Eric Villa (So)Isiah Jasey (So)
Eric Villa (Fr)Isiah Jasey (Fr)

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