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Athletic big man Phil Cofer continues Tennessee legacy

Athletic big man Phil Cofer continues Tennessee legacy

The Tennessee Volunteers landed a second recruit for their 2014 class earlier in the week, a legacy recruit in big man Phil Cofer. He will join Brother Martin (LA) shooting guard Jordan Cornish in the Volunteers’ class to date. With a case of great athletics genetics, he will follow in the footsteps of his father who played football at Tennessee, and his mother who played basketball there.

Both Cofer and Martin are top 150 caliber recruits, with Cofer being more highly thought of than Cornish.

The Whitewater (GA) power forward is athletic and active, and can also knock down a 3-pointer when needed. Cofer has a motor that can predict success in the SEC, with plenty of upside. One can also assume that Cofer’s ability to rebound should get him on the hardwood at Tennessee, sooner rather than later.

Cofer represents a strong recruiting addition for the staff at Tennessee, which has progressively recruited better over the last three seasons. He is a guy that can play early in the front court there, as a supporting player. Much of the SEC had strong interest in Cofer, and he appears to be a player more than capable of contributing at that level.

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